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Trade Offs

Day 132Battling with YES, NO, or YES and 

Yesterday we explored the question; what would life be like if we could have it all…to stretch our imagination of what more is possible for us.

To actually have it all is of course impossible. If I say yes to something – I have to say no to something else. If I say yes to have dinner with friends, I cannot at the same time be home with the family. We cannot have the cake and eat it too.

However, thinking in terms of that ‘trade offs’ are always necessary can be limiting, because it is often based on scarcity thinking. “There is not enough” – not enough time, not enough for everyone to go around etc. This mentality may restrict our imagination and hold us back. We may think that by adding something new to our lives, we have to give up on what we have and that prevent us from stepping up and go after something new. Our minds do not like trade offs, which perhaps is why so many of us do less than what we are capable of.

Questions expand our mind and stretch our imagination. E.G. How can my life, or this situation etc, get any better than it is? By playing with the bold idea that we can have it all, we open up to possibilities that we did not imagine before. And since many of us have not reached our full potential, taking another look at how we relate to the concept of trade offs can be useful.

If we look back at our lives and our busiest time, many of us have had the experience that we can manage much more than we earlier thought was possible. (As the Obama campaign encouraged: Yes, we can! :)). With our personal experiences in hindsight, we can most likely add meaningful activities to our lives, without having to sacrifice or give up ‘too much’ of what we already have.

What is something that you would love to do that you have not thought was possible? Why not go for it and give it a chance – believe that you can do it – and I believe that your gain will be much larger than your pain.