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The devil’s in the details

Day 99nDo you have mind fog when you get sick?

I have been very excited about reaching the milestone of 100 days of blogging and I believed it was today. Then I discovered that I have forgotten to count one day somewhere – and that today is the 99th day of the blog, not the 100th. What did I miss? I went back to look at how I could possibly have missed a day and learned that it was the day when I succeeded to beat a bad cold, which I excitedly wrote about ‘Day 85’, which actually was ‘Day 84’.

One possible reason why I missed that day is that my body was a bit ‘under the weather.’ I succeeded beating the cold/flu from developing – yet my mind became less observant and sharp, which is what happens to us when we get sick.

I spoke today with a lady that has been sick for the past two weeks and who complained that she was not “with it” and not as sharp as usual. She seemed embarrassed about coming across a bit confused and helpless – I think we can all relate. No one enjoys showing up less than what we are capable of.

Another possible reason to why I made a mistake is that I was not attentive enough to detail. When we work too fast, or under a too tight time pressure, it is easy to make mistakes. Attention to detail is something that has been growing on me and I increasingly appreciate the experience of getting things right.

My husband is a master at paying attention to detail – to the extent that his family and employees lose patience with him and jokingly call him the “ 1, 2, 3, a, b, c guy” but then again he rarely makes mistakes and this saves him so much time and energy in the long run.