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You can’t bullshit an old friend

Day 114A good friend from childhood is worth more than a 100 likes on Facebook.

In a way, society has become more superficial as we often spend more time connecting with one another in cyberspace than in real time. Social media can be a wonderful way to stay in contact and be informed, but most people benefit from meeting face-to-face when love and respect is present. Connecting with good old childhood friends can be extra nurturing, healing and fun.

My best girlfriend from childhood is visiting me now and it is just delightful. We met when we were nine years old and were inseparable until when we began different high schools. We have kept in contact and we see each other quite regularly despite that I have lived abroad for the past 30 years.

There is something very unique and special about spending time with old friends from childhood; friends who we grew up with and who know us inside and out, and that we share many memories with.

Friends from childhood can wake us up and remind us to reconnect with ourselves if we have deviated from who we really are. As we often know each other’s families, we often have an insight into one another’s lives that most recent friendships do not have. Old friends can also help us relax, laugh and have fun in a profound way that just good old memories can bring.