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What more is possible?

Day 131
What would life be like if we could have it all…?

I believe that many of us can experience, achieve and have more than what we have imagined.

Living with the attitude that more is possible – will most likely give us more. In any given situation we can simply ask; what more is possible? And be attentive for the answer! By asking the questions, we are programming our mind to look for solutions and by doing this; we put something (energy) in motion.

Many of us live our lives on automatic. We are living under a paradigm with which we see the world, often influenced and learned from our parents, friends, culture and society. We have put a limit to what we think we are capable of, what we deserve and think is possible. We operate within limits that we ourselves have created! We subconsciously do not believe that we actually are choosing how we live our lives ALL THE TIME.

Whether we do, or we don’t – we choose!

If we really take a look at our lives and understand that we are making choices all day long; from the decision of when to get up, and how to be and spend our day, until we make our final decision for the day on when we go to bed. With the awareness that we choose – maybe hundreds of times during a day – we can become inspired to stop in our tracks – and give ourselves a chance to reflect on what we have chosen until now in our lives.

What more would be possible in your life… if you began to question your choices and allowed yourself to dream a little more?