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Taking action

Day 101Thinking about it won’t get us there

Have you been taking action in the past 100 days on things that matter to you? Have you made some progress? Or are you still dreaming and thinking about your New-Years resolution?

I think we all know very well what it is like to be a dreamer; nothing good comes from just wishing for things to be better. Thinking about it is just not going to get us there. We have to take action. We need to do something – even though we cannot exactly see where we are going. There is no point in waiting any longer for the perfect moment to start, because such a moment does not exist.

If a dream is knocking, it has a message for us and it will not leave us alone until we listen. The key to realize our dream is to start – even though we might not know exactly where and what this will bring us. We need to jump in the boat, begin to row and adjust our course along the way. As we take action we get more clarity.

Springtime offers new opportunities of bursting energy that supports us to move into action. If we see how nature is blooming around us, we have a grand opportunity to be inspired. Imagine if a flower was only thinking about blooming. Luckily nature doesn’t have a mind that sabotages its growth. We need to put our mind aside and take action towards what our heart desires – then we will also start to blossom.

What is a small step that you can take today that will bring you closer to your goal?

“Don’t think about it – Just do it!” Dick Tracy