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Geneva is a great place to ‘leave.’

Day 147Less than 24-hour travel-dive – my new thing.

We jokingly say, “Geneva is such a great place to leave”. And it is true that, in addition to it being ranked this year as the city with the highest quality of living in the world, Geneva has another advantage, it is in the middle of Europe, which makes it so easy to – leave – and feasible to make quick trips to other places in Europe within an hour or two, either by car, train, or plane. Since Geneva is a quiet and small city, I find that leaving this little place from time to time and get a dose of some energy and pulse is very refreshing.

It is not always feasible, nor desirable, to be away for several days when traveling. Traveling often eats up a lot of time and it is easy to loose momentum with the projects one has going. That is why I decided to only do a 20-hour trip to visit a good old friend who has taken a sabbatical year in Paris from her hectic and busy life in Stockholm. She has lived in Paris with two of her children. This was a creative and courageous decision, and the year has offered her and her children tremendous value.

I spent 20 hours only in Paris, and I feel energized and inspired by this quick dive into my friend’s world in this mesmerizing city. I arrived yesterday in time to share a lovely lunch with her and another Parisian friend. We sat outside in a courtyard and had a glass of rosé and agreed, “this is life” – to have this opportunity to sip rosé on a Wednesday in lovely sunshine and eat a delicious French meal in Paris.

It might sound like too hectic to be away only 20 hours, but we truly spent quality time together (and I worked both on my way there and back, so I did not loose any time). One of the fun highlights was that we exercised with a fantastic personal trainer in a nearby park, which was filled with lots of people. It was great fun to be amongst all the local Parisians who were running and exercising or just lying around in the grass. We ate a delicious dinner outside in the courtyard/terrace at Costes, (we Scandinavians are very fan of eating outside when possible, for obvious reasons) a beautiful restaurant with super food, interesting people and an almost mystical ambiance, (rare to find in Geneva).

I had a good night sleep in my friend’s lovely apartment and even had time for a nice chat at breakfast before taking a 40 min flight back.

Short trips can quickly give you inspiration and energy, and can easily, and maybe even preferably, be done alone.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” St. Augustine

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What does it mean to be sexy?

Day 107Be thoughtful, smart and generous

The best definition of being sexy is declared in the speech Ashton Kutcher’s held after he won the Life-Time Achievement Teen Choice Award 2013. His simple, yet powerful message to teens (and everyone) comes in a very impactful speech – possibly one of the most effective speeches for teens and young adults. What pondus he carried and he for sure did not romanticize life.

He declares that opportunities just don’t come knocking on your door – but arise from working hard. This may be difficult to realize for many young people as they live in the world of Hollywood films and glamorous video’s. In his speech, Ashton is a role model for strong character and humbleness. He talks about being thoughtful, smart and generous. I wish his message will reach out far and wide!

He is truly inspiring for both young and old – as he also encourages us to not simply live our lives in the world created by others but build our lives in it for others to benefit from. He reminds us that we all have the chance to create our lives if we simply stretch our imagination.

Enjoy Ashton and tell me what you think! And forward this blog post so that we can reach out to teens and young adults far and wide.