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How intense is your life?

DAy 72I know well how it feels to live “on the edge.” I have most of my life valued “doing” over “being,” as I love to be engaged and active. However, when I squeeze too much into my life, I do not have a much fun. The more activities I try to pack into my days, and the more I rush – the less quality of life I have, because I cannot absorb and tune in to the people around me and what else is going on.

When we live at our edge, we live with an intensity that stresses the mind and body, and we disconnect from the voice of our soul. When we live with high intensity, we do not pick up clues and nuances from the people and the environment around us.

In the past I did not have the capacity to step back and review my life from the outside, with a “helicopter perspective”. I could not see that the intensity and speed, in which I lived my life, did not add true quality. I missed out on a lot. I was spinning for years not knowing how to live in another way. I was blinded by my own habitual routines of doing too much too fast. And I still fall into this old bad habit from time to time.

In the last years I have developed various strategies to slow down. My energy is more calm and focused. When I slow down I open up to life’s beauty; I feel greater appreciation and gratitude for all the lovely people in my life, and I notice and live much more in harmony my surrounding.

I will share in a later post more about what I do to guard my inner peace, but the biggest shift came when I had the big aha moment that I actually was in charge of creating my own reality and that I nobody but me could change my life for me. I understood that I had to explore and find out what I needed in order to live with more peace and harmony and that I could sometimes stop, say no, and take time out.