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At the end of the rainbow you will find a pot of gold

Day 115Are you searching for more in your life?

Last evening, my girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to see this beautiful complete rainbow. We stopped the car with excitement to take pictures and were thrilled when we were able to capture the complete rainbow in a photo (thanks to IPhone’s panorama option). It is not very often we can see a complete rainbow and less often we have a chance to capture it in a photo, so I feel very fortunate and grateful.

The rainbow is not only beautiful, it is joyful to watch; and it represents some mysticism for me. As the legend says, those that arrive at the end of the rainbow will find a pot of gold. As a little girl, I hoped that I would once experience being in the right place at the right time, so that I would find the pot of gold.

Today, I see the pot of gold as a representation of the abundance I find in my life. I was for a long time searching for ‘more.’ More happiness, more fulfillment, more meaning, more love, more of everything. After years of searching, I did find it – all of it…

Was this because I was at the right place at the right time? Or did I find myself at the end of a rainbow? Once I did believe that I was driving through a rainbow and wished with all my heart that my life would take on a new turn – and one day it did. Working at improving our lives and not only wishing it intensely will eventually get us there.

I live in great abundance and feel forever grateful that I searched and found my rainbow and have learned how I can be happy, fulfilled and live with meaning and love.

In the end; I found that what I was longing for and hoping to find at the end of the rainbow, already existed inside me. Once I changed my view of myself and the world around me, then I was at the end of the rainbow, and I did find my own pot of gold…

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The number One Foundation for a Happy life….

Day 103What does it mean to be real?

One of the key ingredients in a life of happiness is to “be yourself”. This was recognized already by the philosophers of ancient Greece, and is still true today.

To me, being real means having the courage to be our natural selves. It means showing up and sharing ourselves with acceptance, which includes embracing our strengths and successes, as well as our weaknesses, pains and struggles. We do not put up a façade where we only portray a rosy side. We do not think about how we can adjust and adapt ourselves to make a good impression. We simply show up and share who we are without editing – no matter who we are with. We do not cover up, hold back or try to be something we are not. We simply are. We speak our truth and live with integrity for what we believe to be right.

Being authentic sounds attractive and refreshing – doesn’t it! When we show up as our true self we feel more energized and happy. We experience a deeper sense of inner peace – than when we are editing ourselves, or holding back our true nature.

How do we go about reclaiming our true self ? According to Rene Brown, “authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re suppose to be and embracing who we are.”

I also believe that when we truly see ourselves, and appreciate and love ourselves for who we are, we do not need to look outside to find happiness, because we have found what we need inside.

When we are authentic, other people can relax around us. We are easy to connect with and are comfortable to be around, as people do not need to question our intentions, or if they can trust us, because our very being appears trustworthy, natural and real. We create an atmosphere and space that act as an invite for other people to be real as well.

Successful people have embraced their authenticity. “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I would have done it a lot earlier.” Oprah Winfrey

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The best medicine for our mind

Day 98

Allow your mind to get flooded by the beauty of nature

The beautiful Alps take my breath away. It is especially magical right now in the beginning of April; the sun is higher, and the warmer climate in combination with the position of the sun creates a particularly deep blue sky. The sun also floods the Alp-villages into the evening, which after several dark winter months creates a joyous energy and atmosphere amongst everyone.

The contrast between the white, snow covered, dramatic peaks – as far as the eye can see – and the lucid blue sky, creates a massive impression and keeps stopping me in my tracks again and again, year after year; the view makes me bring out my camera trying to save some memory of the gorgeous views. My wish to capture the breathtaking scenery in a photograph is however impossible, which is why I wish for everyone to experience the Alps at least once.

To spend time in breathtaking nature is one of the most energy boosting activities possible. We should all seek to invest more time in the nature if we long for more energy and happiness.

Beautiful nature nurtures and is one of the best medicines for the mind.

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Breathe your way to inner peace

Day 89

Sleeping tight and inner peace is something that concerns us all.

My husband shared with me this morning that he had woken up in the middle of the night with a thousands thoughts roaming in his head about the things he has on his plate to do these days. He was worried that he would not fall back asleep, as he really needs to feel rested to be able to address all of the things going on.

Most of us can probably recognize that when we feel we have too much going on and our sleep is disturbed – we can get into a vicious cycle – where we feel we are behind, which impacts our subconscious and wake us in our sleep, we feel tired in the morning; we then get less done, and so it continues.

My husband though, remembered my blog post from yesterday, and decided to calmly breathe deeply into his belly. After about fifteen minutes of deep long breaths lying on his back, he turned on his side and took a few more long deep breaths and then fell back to sleep. When he woke up this morning, he was quite surprised that he had managed to fall asleep quite easily by just focusing on his breath.

If I feel overwhelmed and need to rest, I also engage in deep long breaths like my husband did. Sometimes I take deep breaths into the nose, hold it for about 8-10 seconds and then breath out very slowly through the nose.

When I want to add one more dimension, I sit with a straight back and breathe in, touch my chin towards the chest, then I pull up the perineum and suck in my stomach, which expands the diaphragm and chest. I hold my breath for 8-10 seconds, then lift my chin back up calmly and breathe out very slowly. After repeating this 3-5 times, I notice a big shift in my sense of inner peace. The calmness I feel, prepares me for going into meditation, or makes me focused and concentrated on work.

Tomorrow I will be sharing the power of meditation.