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DAy 76Yesterday, I wrote about various ways to become and stay focused.

What I did not mention was the link between focus and hydration. We all know that our body consists of 70 percent water. That percentage is even larger in our brain. Our brain consists of as much as 85 percent water and depends on a daily good intake of water in order to keep fueled and energized!

According to research, most people drink way too little water for their brain to function optimally. What about you? Are you drinking enough water?

Lack of focus can be linked to dehydration. Also “brain fog,” memory, sleep issues, anger, headaches, depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder), are connected to drinking too little water!

Not only do our brain need water to function optimally, even our nervous system needs water and our digestion works much more better when we drink enough. Water is also great for our skin.

To only drink glass after glass of cold water might not seem appetizing. Therefore it is easy to go for juice, coffee, tea or soft drinks. However none of those drinks hydrate us optimally, rather the opposite. We need to drink water of high quality preferably! Filtered water is mostly better than your tap water. Bottled water from glass bottles is great – not from plastic bottles as these carry toxins.

I have a morning routine that I can recommend. I begin my morning drinking two large glasses of warm water. I mix cold water with tea water. Warm water helps me drink more and it also feels good in my stomach. Lately I have added a teaspoon of bio honey, as it supports digestion and the skin further. I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, and I drink regularly and before I get thirsty.

When you are showing sign of being thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Therefore, get into the habit of drinking water every hour or so. Your brain and body will get thrilled when you do.

You find out how much you need to drink per day by measuring:

Your body weight in kg X33ml= daily water requirement