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Making the leap – part 1

Day 125What is it going to take for you to DARE to express yourself…?

Several friends and acquaintances think I am courageous writing my blog. They have also longed to share their voice but have not dared and had the courage to make the leap… into the void… because that is what it feels like when we begin to share our voice publically – we do not know where we will end up. We are stepping into the unknown and that feels scary for most people. Most of us like to be in some sort of control but we have to let go of certainty and control, to go after our inner voice.

I very much relate to the fear many are feeling. Sharing our voice publicly exposes our vulnerability. And those of us that are not used to writing feel particularly exposed.

So why should we then even bother to share our voice if it is associated with fear, anxiety and perhaps pain?

I think that hiding, and holding back our voice out of fear to be judged means that we subconsciously say that we are not good enough, and that what our heart and soul is expressing to us does not have sufficient meaning, substance, or is not smart enough. And to believe that we are not good enough will in the long run cost us much more, than the pain of sharing our voice and stumbling a little on the way until we have found our path and feel more secure.

What I began to notice, and I also have heard from others, is that when we don’t take our voice seriously enough and express it – then our inner voice and inspiration eventually starts to fade. And that is sad!! We are meant to share our inspirations if that is what we long for! As we hold back our voice, we are also holding back our energetic expression. We might even feel like we are dying a little inside. Let’s not do that to ourselves! We are mean to feel alive while we are living.

We all have unique experiences and stories to tell.

So make that leap….

….dare to express yourself!