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The magic is within you

DAy 105You are a giver by simply being you

Life becomes enriching when we understand that we all have something to give to one another, simply by being real. Having the attitude that we contribute to other people lives by just being our most wonderful selves, places a focus on the ‘being’ part of who we are, rather than the ‘doing’ part. We do not always have to be doing things to make an impact and a difference to someone. Our natural selves can be plenty – if we see ourselves, appreciate who we are and share who we are.

I know the most wonderful woman, who is successful in every way one could imagine professionally and family wise. She still feels insecure in social settings where she does not know anyone, as she perceives herself as uninteresting. Of course with the attitude that she is boring and not worth talking to, she becomes shy or quiet and her self-image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our self-image, often established as a child, can stay with us no matter how successful we have become professionally. We can feel confidence and competent in our main occupations but still have a low self-esteem. Our self-esteem is fundamentally related to who we are and not what we do. We do not always have to perform to be worthy. Many high achievers believe that.

If you would like to feel more comfortable in social settings where you do not know people well I have some tips for you. What are the positive character traits that you are proud of? (Do not think about your weaknesses, we all have those as well but that is nothing that should enter your consciousness before you go out to meet people). When you reflect about these positive qualities, how does it make you feel? You are enough by simply being you; You are a pretty good person! What if you could simply show up with confidence next time you are in a social setting, knowing that you are enough in who you are?

If you share your most wonderful self with people you meet, and at the same time are curious about the people you meet, I can guarantee that you will feel comfortable in social settings.

To be beautiful means to be yourself.