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The best medicine for our mind

Day 98

Allow your mind to get flooded by the beauty of nature

The beautiful Alps take my breath away. It is especially magical right now in the beginning of April; the sun is higher, and the warmer climate in combination with the position of the sun creates a particularly deep blue sky. The sun also floods the Alp-villages into the evening, which after several dark winter months creates a joyous energy and atmosphere amongst everyone.

The contrast between the white, snow covered, dramatic peaks – as far as the eye can see – and the lucid blue sky, creates a massive impression and keeps stopping me in my tracks again and again, year after year; the view makes me bring out my camera trying to save some memory of the gorgeous views. My wish to capture the breathtaking scenery in a photograph is however impossible, which is why I wish for everyone to experience the Alps at least once.

To spend time in breathtaking nature is one of the most energy boosting activities possible. We should all seek to invest more time in the nature if we long for more energy and happiness.

Beautiful nature nurtures and is one of the best medicines for the mind.