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The Power of Commitment

Day 17

Are you off to a good start with your New Year resolutions? Have you been consistent with implementing the changes that you want to make? Perhaps you are feeling that it is harder to keep your goals alive now, after a few weeks into the New Year. Isn’t it frustrating that it is so hard to create change!? What does it take, you may ask yourself? Why do I keep on failing? What needs to happen in order for me to make the change I long for?

My answer in short to these questions: You need to understand what really drives you, and you need to commit! The true drivers of your commitments are your underlying values and beliefs, which can be conscious and unconscious. If you really want to make that leap that you have talked about and longed for, perhaps for years, you need to become consciously aware of the values and beliefs that are running your life. To make lasting change, you have to know why you want to change and you need to truly believe that your life will benefit from the change. Also, achievement will most likely be more important than inner peace, at least for the time being. Making a change requires focused energy that comes from really putting your foot down and claim to the world: I have had enough! I will stop what I am currently doing and begin living my dream, or else…! (You most often have to say NO to something, in order to say YES to your DREAM). When you are seriously committed, you will feel supported by a force inside of you that is strongly empowering and gets you into motion. When you are committed with your body, heart and mind, it leads you to act differently and in the direction of your dream. Your conscious or unconscious commitments are running your life whether you like it or not. Too often, we are more committed to being comfortable than going through the challenging process of creating a change. Are you longing for more meaning and to make a difference with your life?