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Self-healing really works

Day 85Trust your own healing abilities

I am amazed at how quickly my body responds and heals itself naturally – from pure rest. This afternoon while in various meetings, the glands in my throat began to swell, my head felt heavy and stuffy and my energy dropped. (My body got seriously cold a couple of mornings ago while I was skiing the ‘Haut Route’, due to blasting chilly wind – which weakened my immune system). Towards the end of the day I realized that unless I stop these symptoms quickly from developing further, I could catch a cold or flu.

There was no time to relax at the time I felt the symptoms, but I took C-vitamins and Echinaforce, which I always have handy. By the end of the day, I laid down on the floor and covered up with a warm blanket and a scarf over my eyes. After just a few minutes of relaxing fully, my throat and head instantly felt better. After 20 minutes, I got up and was symptom free.

How magic isn’t that!

Our body is a wonderful organism with a self-repair mechanism installed. It is designed to establish optimal health. Through various complex interactions within our body, it attempts to maintain balance and stability and manages to bring imbalances back to a normal range – also referred to as homeostasis. In other words, we have all the help we need in order to heal, if we just give our body a chance – by giving it some rest.

P.S. I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Day 70, about the reasons why we catch a cold; the combination of exposure to bacteria or virus –and our immune system weakening due to lack of sleep, necessary vitamins, exposure to daylight as well as cold body temperature. What I did not mention was that our digestive system and intestines also plays a very important part for our immune system. Our digestive system will receive it’s own blog post at a later stage, as it is another passionate subject of mine.