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One thing I love thanks to my father

Day 121I value freedom highly, and I think this value was born in the Norwegian mountains – above the tree line.

I had the great fortune to grow up in Norway with a father that took me into the wild from the time I was born. His love for nature, and his passion for cross-country skiing and hiking in the wild above the tree line, captured my heart from an early age.

You can feel a huge sense of liberty and freedom cross-country skiing above the tree line with hardly any people in sight. Today, I had the fortune to experience this together with my father, 79 years old and still strong as a youngster.


These mountains bring about a sense of freedom and peace like nothing else. It is pure euphoria to ski into the wild, with complete stillness all around.

During this time of the year, the snow is hard enough to walk on without going through. We are free to create our own tracks and go anywhere we like. If there is a little bit of fresh snow on top of the hard snow, which is the ultimate and what we had today, the skiing both uphill and downhill becomes a particularly velvety ecstatic experience.

Since I have lived abroad for the past thirty years, I do not have the opportunity to revisit this scenery as often as I would like.I feel incredibly grateful and happy for having shared this moment with my dear father. It will be captured in my heart as a peak moment forever.


It is healing to heart, body and soul to re-connect to our roots and to engage in our favorite childhood activities. I imagine, or at least wish, that we all have childhood experiences, which bring about great memories and when revisiting them we feel completely at home and perhaps even at peace.

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Let’s never lose our party spirit!

Day 74There are certain nightclubs that carry a unique spirit, where people ‘dare’ to party. Where people transcend their minds and completely let go of their inhibitions, giving themselves the joy and freedom of being their wild selves.

Last night I partied with friends in such a place; one of the most legendary nightclubs in the Alps ; Farm Club, in Verbier, Switzerland.

It was jammed packed with people of all ages, which add to the fun. You find parents and children between 18 and 70+ partying together.

Many nightclub owners are dreaming of having a reputation like Farm Club, which draws people from everywhere. Farm Club has been the place to party in Verbier and the Alps since it opened by the Berardis; two Italian brothers who have been running the club for forty years (until last year).

What differentiates Farm Club, is the easy going positive spirit of all the guests, the many ages, and that the club has kept its original lay out, so people feel a sense of familiarity when they return year after year. It has the best DJ’s, who play very good music, and are sensitive to the audience and understand what music to play and mix depending on the age of the majority of its customers for each night. The sound system and lighting is all ‘top notch,’ and it is hard not to want to move, let lose and have fun in a place like that, (especially when you party with lots of people you know.)

I had such great fun dancing last night, being surrounded by people with spirits so high. It became a wild and crazy night and as one of my friends said, “it felt like we were at an animal farm.”

“You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.” So set yourself free and party from time to time!


Living our cultural heritage

Day 67My body and mind is a bit fried as I sit down to write today. I have been skiing for the first time the Engadina Ski Marathon, 42km ‘classic style,’ (not skating).

The marathon today reminded me of how much cross-country skiing is part of my cultural heritage, and something I can feel the cells of my body have missed. It was thrilling to be back on skis and amongst so many others who love the sport.

I grew up in Norway where cross-country skiing is a national sport. During my childhood our family cross-country skied quite often, but only leisurely. I was not passionate about skiing as a child and racing was for sure not my thing. However, the older I got the more I came to enjoy the tranquility of the sport particularly because I was mostly skiing in the mountains above the tree line.

It was while cross-country skiing in the Norwegian mountains I came to learn about peace of mind. Skiing in this wide-open, untouched landscape, above the treetops, with no or few people in sight, with the diagonal movement of cross-country skiing, harmonized my brain and touched my soul.

It is thirty years ago since I left Norway. I have missed my old love of being out in the wild and cross-country skiing.

I am grateful that my husband and friends encouraged me to participate in this ski Marathon. It was a thrilling experience to be skiing amongst 25,000 participants (some doing the half marathon and others doing the full distance). It felt like I had come back to my element.

Somewhere along our life journey we may give up part of our cultural heritage and who we used to be. If we meet a partner who does not share the same heritage or if we move abroad, many of us let go of cultural heritage and values we love.

If we reclaim the old ‘parts’ of us, these can bring loads of joy and energy to our lives.