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The best medicine for our mind

Day 98

Allow your mind to get flooded by the beauty of nature

The beautiful Alps take my breath away. It is especially magical right now in the beginning of April; the sun is higher, and the warmer climate in combination with the position of the sun creates a particularly deep blue sky. The sun also floods the Alp-villages into the evening, which after several dark winter months creates a joyous energy and atmosphere amongst everyone.

The contrast between the white, snow covered, dramatic peaks – as far as the eye can see – and the lucid blue sky, creates a massive impression and keeps stopping me in my tracks again and again, year after year; the view makes me bring out my camera trying to save some memory of the gorgeous views. My wish to capture the breathtaking scenery in a photograph is however impossible, which is why I wish for everyone to experience the Alps at least once.

To spend time in breathtaking nature is one of the most energy boosting activities possible. We should all seek to invest more time in the nature if we long for more energy and happiness.

Beautiful nature nurtures and is one of the best medicines for the mind.

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DAy 76Yesterday, I wrote about various ways to become and stay focused.

What I did not mention was the link between focus and hydration. We all know that our body consists of 70 percent water. That percentage is even larger in our brain. Our brain consists of as much as 85 percent water and depends on a daily good intake of water in order to keep fueled and energized!

According to research, most people drink way too little water for their brain to function optimally. What about you? Are you drinking enough water?

Lack of focus can be linked to dehydration. Also “brain fog,” memory, sleep issues, anger, headaches, depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder), are connected to drinking too little water!

Not only do our brain need water to function optimally, even our nervous system needs water and our digestion works much more better when we drink enough. Water is also great for our skin.

To only drink glass after glass of cold water might not seem appetizing. Therefore it is easy to go for juice, coffee, tea or soft drinks. However none of those drinks hydrate us optimally, rather the opposite. We need to drink water of high quality preferably! Filtered water is mostly better than your tap water. Bottled water from glass bottles is great – not from plastic bottles as these carry toxins.

I have a morning routine that I can recommend. I begin my morning drinking two large glasses of warm water. I mix cold water with tea water. Warm water helps me drink more and it also feels good in my stomach. Lately I have added a teaspoon of bio honey, as it supports digestion and the skin further. I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, and I drink regularly and before I get thirsty.

When you are showing sign of being thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Therefore, get into the habit of drinking water every hour or so. Your brain and body will get thrilled when you do.

You find out how much you need to drink per day by measuring:

Your body weight in kg X33ml= daily water requirement

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Let’s get focused!

Day 75Many of us know how frustrating it can be when our mind is scattered and we find ourselves all over the place; beginning one task, and forgetting what that was, as we get distracted doing something else.

It can feel disheartening when we have loads to do, or are in a hurry and we can’t find our keys, phone, passport, credit card, or some clothes we want to wear, or we forget to do something important because we failed to prioritise.

A scattered mind is a clear sign that we are not grounded in our bodies. If you were asked for example, how you were breathing, or how your body was feeling this morning while you were looking for your keys or phone, you will most likely have no idea – because you were all “up in your head.”

The best way to get focused is to slow down your mind by “getting physical” through meditation, consciously slowing down your breath, exercising and engaging in some form of physical touch – such as giving or receiving warm hugs.

Removing tight time constraints by setting goals and planning your time and “speaking your mind;” having an open dialog with people you live and work with – also makes a difference.

To maintain a focused mind, it is key to be mindful about what we do, to do one thing at a time, and to finish what we start before we move onto the next thing. A clear plan and to do list (that we also use and check off) can make a big difference – provided we do not put too many things on that list. Eating hearty food/meals and maintaining an even blood sugar level throughout the day also ground and support our ability to have a calm and focused mind.

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How do you re-charge?

Day 73In order to feel and be our best is important to stop in our tracks and re-charge regularly..

Many people try to re-charge artificially by drinking caffeine, alcohol or by eating sweets. But that only gives short-term energy. If we are tired, what our body and mind need is relaxation and an opportunity to re-charge from within.

There are numerous ways to re-charge; for example by writing a journal, spending time with friends, or by oneself, taking long showers or baths, lying on the sofa, sitting on a balcony or terrace reading in the sun, spending time overlooking the ocean, hiking in a forest or in the mountains, looking into the fire in a fire-place or a candle, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, artwork, breath-work, etc. How we best nurture ourselves is unique for each one of us.

Personally, what nurtures and energises me the most is to carve out time and let go of my to-do -list and invest time alone. I quickly find inner peace when I journal and meditate, as well as when I spend time in nature. There is also something magical for me around a fire. I find it very calming to have candles around me and in sitting in front of a fireplace.

And when I give myself the luxurious gift of just being here and now without reflecting on the past or thinking about the future I ground myself and energise from within.

In the afternoon, if I am tired I meditate sitting for 20 minutes. If I am very tired, due to for example a poor night’s sleep, I lie down on a yoga mat and relax for 20 minutes. These 20 minutes of relaxation gives me quickly a large amount of energy, and enough to make me feel energised, positive and alive for the rest of the evening.

Take time to re-charge. It’ll light your inner energy and fire!