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The power of cleaning up!

Day 97And the day came when it became too difficult to continue to live in chaos.

I have had an amazingly productive day and it feels just great.

What has particularly given me an energy boost has been the massive spring-cleaning/organization I did. I’m amazed at all the things that I have been holding on to until today. I cleaned out not only half the cellar, but several cabinets as well – and now I feel so light.

I love having it neat around me and I am seeing myself becoming increasingly more organized. To be organized and neat has not been one of my natural talents. I’ve been too busy doing things and found huge resistance to taking time to organize and get rid of things. I’m therefore super happy that I am now taking time to do this work and do it with pleasure.

One of the reasons that I have been holding on to things and don’t get rid of unnecessary stuff right away is that I dislike waste. Somehow I have hoped that I will be able to reuse it all.

I also do not like to throw away what could benefit others. It is therefore hugely gratifying to put things outside by the curb of the road (that’s how it is done in Switzerland and it is such a great system) for anyone to drive by and pick up what they want.


Wardrobe Clean-Out

Day 64The words ‘clear-out’ or ‘clean-out’ carries lightness – don’t you think!

If you are the type that only keeps things in your closet that you use, and are good at regularly sorting things out, then you do not need to read on.

However, if you have the tendency of keeping clothes and shoes, which you have not used for a long time and might not even fit you anymore – you are not alone and perhaps want to read on.

I have had a bit of an issue in the ‘past’ separating myself from my clothes. I have kept clothes and shoes that I don’t like or use, thinking that I might begin to enjoy them again later, that they might get back in style if I just wait long enough.

Mostly these clothes have been cluttering my wardrobe and made it difficult for me to sort through quickly and find something to wear – as it has been hard to see past the old clothes.

So why do we keep these clothes and shoes despite not having used them for years?

We may have our different reasons. For me, I do not like waste, and it has felt like waste to let go of these clothes. I have also worried that I would regret giving away clothes that I perhaps would miss and want to use again.

A closet full of clothes, which you only use a fraction of, is energy draining. To arrive in the morning to a closet filled with clothes that are too small, too big, perhaps have stains, holes or are totally out of style, does not give you inspiration and a boost. It is not a good positive way to start the day.

Therefore, it was a real blessing to meet Alison, a woman who professionally helps people to find their personal style and colours and even helps clearing closet clutter. She helped me review all my clothes and shoes to see how I could combine and use my clothes in a new way, as well as clear out what did not suit my body, or had colours that did nothing for me. With her help I have been able to separate myself from some clothes and create a ‘new’ wardrobe with my old clothes. Adding a few more pieces gave my wardrobe a face-lift, and I much more enjoy getting dressed in the morning.

We did a major clean out last spring. Alison stopped by again today and we got rid of some more clothes that I have not used in the past year.

It is such a pleasure to look into my closet now and choose from things I like and enjoy wearing. It gives me the spring in my step that I need to live life well.