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Being indecisive

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Day 148

“And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought” –  Shakespeare

Try the following:

Read the words highlighted below slowly

Irresolute       Vacillating      Wavering       Hesitant          Uncertain       Unsure

Faltering         Dithering        Inconclusive   Wooly                         Unclear           Imprecise Wishy-washy                  Unsteady        Cowardly             Procrastinating          Uncommitted             Undecided     Doubtful

Now associate the words with situations where you were exposed to this type of behavior from other people…..

Which impact did this have on you….?

Now read the words again of remind yourself of times when you behaved this way. How were you feeling at the time and what outcome did it create?

I have had the uncomfortable experience today of having acted in a way described by several of these words – which is normally not like me. I set myself up to be in this no man’s land, because my heart have wanted something, but I have not aligned with the other people involved and have not had the chance to communicate and get them onboard with my idea.

I think indecisiveness creates a vacuum leading to disconnect with oneself and others. It is unproductive and can be energy draining. Do you agree?

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