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Breaking down goals

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Day 134

Hi! I am Anine and I love to optimize my energy and support you in optimizing yours.

Today I would like to explore how we can make time for the moments that will add energy and joy to our lives.

The moments we long for and want more of, will not come by themselves, they need to be scheduled.

It is not enough to simply get clear about what we want. We will find time to engage in the things we long for, such as; read more books, exercise regularly, spend more time with old friends or a family member, learn an instrument, write a book, explore a passion, go away with your partner on a romantic weekend, begin to mediate etc, when we;

  1. Schedule them in our calendar; either at a fixed time per day, a couple of times per week or month, or block a weekend per year to connect with old friends or your partner.
  2. Act on the goals – no excuses.
  3. Stick to them – even when time gets short.

In order to achieve “BIG” goals, which are long term and requires years in order for us to achieve a level of satisfaction or quality, we can divide our big goal into sub-goals. And – here comes an important part – we make these sub goals part of our daily and or weekly routine. If we put a bit of time every day or every week, we will have a good chance of reaching the big goal one day.

When I commit to something (where other people are involved) I stick to it. I am all in. It helps me to get into motion when other people are involved, and I am committed and know when I need to deliver my part. It is much harder when I am alone in completing a goal, such as studying French by myself.

Most people I meet find it more fun and motivating to spend time with others while working towards most of their dreams. There are some goals where I prefer to be alone, such as doing my morning ritual, or when I write. Each one of us has to find out for themselves what works.

After I began planning and sticking to long term planning, it is quite amazing how much more that I have been able to achieve

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