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A heart full of love – heartful…

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Day 127“A loving heart, a heart full of love is the precious essence of human life.” – Maharishi Mahesh developed the Transcendental Meditation technique and was a leader and guru.

In my world, there is no greater feeling than being ‘heartful’. Heartful is not a word in the dictionary yet… but I think it soon will be. I think it is a beautiful word that I often use; as it has great meaning to me. I define heartful as feeling whole, fulfilled and loving. Being heartful is a state, or an experience of a feeling that nothing is missing in life. We are at peace with who we are, with our current and past experiences, with where we are, and with what we have. When we are heartful, our heart feels soft and free to fully live, love and be.

How do we become heartful? There are several ways to get there….

First, we feel content with the essence of who we are – we see ourselves, we accept ourselves and we love who we are.

We accept and love our body with its beauty – and equally important – its limitations.

We are grateful for the talents that we have been given. We don’t dwell on our weaknesses. Instead we are accepting of ourselves and of the fact that we and everyone else have our limitations. We understand that we are not super women or men, but that most of us are doing the best we can with what we know.

Second, we engaged in things that have heart and meaning to us. In other words, we spend our time in ways that fulfill us (rather than deplete us).

Third, we spend time with people where we experience mutual acceptance and kindness towards one another; and authentic, honest and open communication.

Fourth, we are in touch with our ‘love language’ – meaning, we can articulate what is important to us in order to feel loved. We do not feel ashamed to ask for what we long for and need in order to feel loved in our relationships. (We do not play games, such as being stoic and swallow our feelings and then later feel victimized because our needs have not been met.) We realize instead that no one can read our mind (and that the best way to have our needs met is to articulate them, first to ourselves and then to others – we do not expect people/our loved ones to find it our for us).

Fifth, we strive to live in balance. We don’t do things to please others, unless it also feels good to us. We realize that giving without joy will deplete us in the long run.

Sixth, we seek to know ourselves well and live in accordance to what builds us, supports us, and make us strong.

Seventh, we refrain from doing anything that will break us down over time.

Eight, we are not defensive and we do not take other people’s emotions personally.

Ninth, we accept our own emotions and are not afraid of them but go into and feel them fully rather than trying to understand them.

Tenth, when our heart is full – it “spills over” and we are generous, warm, loving and kind.

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