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The majesty of the present moment

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Day 123

Where are we… if we are not in the here and NOW…?

Today I had an extraordinary experience (on an airplane). To shift my position a bit, while reading, I leaned onto my elbow and placed my cheek in my hand. As my hand met my face, I all of a sudden felt my cheek so soft and silky – and it startled me. It was like I was touching my face for the very first time. I couldn’t believe that it could feel so nice – and why had I never felt it in this way before? I stopped reading and decided to fully allow myself to feel the pleasure of stroking my face gently, and leave my question for later. The experience was so wonderful and profound that I wanted to capture and savor it – not ignore it – or rush onto something else – and I am very glad I did. (I must have looked a bit funny as I stroked my face like one would stroke someone else’s cheek, but I didn’t care what people might have thought.)

How many times have I touched my face before…? I wash my face daily with my hands. I put on cream and makeup, but I have never before registered the feeling of my own cheek in my hand this way.

What I experienced on that plane was truly being in the present moment – I was there fully with my senses. My mind was quiet as I allowed this simple little experience to fill me with joy and gratitude.

I do not know what allowed me to have such a strong sensory experience. It could have been a combination of various things. I was just returning from the mountains where time stands still and the mind is calm. Or it could be the book I am reading, which touched me and brought tears to my eyes several times. Or it could have been served to me from above… I had decided earlier this morning that I would like to write about being in the present moment. The topic seemed so appropriate after the cross-country skiing experience I just had in the Norwegian mountains with my father where the vastness of nature brings me totally into the now.

No matter the reason, I got a glimpse of the beauty of being fully in the present; my heart was open and I felt fulfilled and at peace.

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