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Are you a tech and social media victim?


DAy 116The effect and consequences of the overuse of tech gadgets.

I wonder; how many families that are complaining about the lack of presence among their family members because of tech devices and social media?

Today, most families spend much less time face-to-face. Overuse of phones, computers, social media, and computer games can have large negative implications. The truth is – those of us overusing our tech gadgets are suffering consequences impacting the quality and energy of our lives.

We might feel we are in control…but are we not rather being controlled?

Which ones of the below would apply to you? Honestly…

  • Lack of concentration due to multi tasking
  • Getting less done because of tech gadgets disturbing your workflow (sound alerts, answering the phone, checking messages)
  • Not enough quality time with loved ones
  • Increased amount of arguments due to lack of communication
  • Social withdrawal
  • Waste of time on social media instead of progressing with what is really important to you
  • Lack of time to develop your strengths and talents
  • Feeling restless
  • Feeling anxious
  • Unhappy – because you compare yourself to all the others on Facebook?

How ineffective are meetings when people are dividing their attention between their phones, Ipads and the meeting?

How can we use the new opportunities provided by technology without becoming ineffective?

How can we be in control of the devices and the social media instead of them controlling us?

2 thoughts on “Are you a tech and social media victim?

  1. Such an important topic for all of us.


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