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Why you would want to grow your emotional muscles…

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Day 110Today I am exploring one of our most attractive attributes

Strength is something most of us aspire to. Muscles make us feel confident and good about ourselves. Perhaps you are thinking that I am referring to physical strength…

I do think that there is a clear link between physical strength and confidence, but what I would like to explore in the upcoming couple of blogs, is emotional strength; muscles that we cannot see and, which therefore perhaps are less inspiring for people to work on and develop – especially for those of us that are very visual. We live in societies where there is so much focus on our appearance. Many of us forget to care about developing our inner strengths and aspects – and we forget to recognize how attractive it is to be emotionally strong.

Today I want to start by defining what I perceive as someone who is emotionally strong; someone who stands up for who they are, speak their truth, do not let other people sit on them, set clear boundaries without shouting, do not loose their temper, are collected and gathered and can speak firmly when necessary, treat people friendly and the way they themselves want to be treated. Emotionally strong people do not allow themselves to put up with demeaning circumstances for a paycheck, or for affection and love. They have self-respect because they have high self-esteem. People who are emotionally strong radiate poise.

Imagine a world where we would spend as much time exercising our emotional strengths as we do our muscles… I think that would be an awesome world to live in!

Tomorrow I will explore ways to develop emotional strength, partly inspired by Barbara Roux Levrat, to whom I listened to on this very subject today.

One thought on “Why you would want to grow your emotional muscles…

  1. Great topic, i am looking forward to some more!
    Katia | Niafun-damentals


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