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Give it all – and have a ball, or change your job this fall…

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Day 109Live with passion!

How wonderful it is to meet with people that are passionate about what they do!

Every time I meet someone, or have the chance to be a client of someone that that loves what they do, they truly stand out and make such an impact on me.

Passionate people that I have encountered through the years – train conductors, taxi drivers, nurses, doctors, carpenters, teachers, artists, chefs, hairdressers, singers, coaches, consultants etc, have left a mark with their professionalism and presence. Those that are passionate in what they do never seem to get tired, or even impatient, as they exude a pleasure to create and or to serve to a degree that makes a noticeable difference.

Passionate people exude 100% devotion and engagement in what they do and their whole being radiates a luminous light that is very attractive as well.

I spent the whole day today with an inspiring team of architects, interior designers and project leaders that exuded this type of passionate devotion. What an experience it was!

I wish we all will find that which we can truly feel passionate about in our daily engagement, as it makes all the difference to our sense of joy, energy and professionalism.

If you do not feel passionate about what you do, it is time to change. All research indicate we only got one life, and even if it turns out that we have two lives, why take the chance to waste one of our precious lives…

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