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What does it mean to be sexy?

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Day 107Be thoughtful, smart and generous

The best definition of being sexy is declared in the speech Ashton Kutcher’s held after he won the Life-Time Achievement Teen Choice Award 2013. His simple, yet powerful message to teens (and everyone) comes in a very impactful speech – possibly one of the most effective speeches for teens and young adults. What pondus he carried and he for sure did not romanticize life.

He declares that opportunities just don’t come knocking on your door – but arise from working hard. This may be difficult to realize for many young people as they live in the world of Hollywood films and glamorous video’s. In his speech, Ashton is a role model for strong character and humbleness. He talks about being thoughtful, smart and generous. I wish his message will reach out far and wide!

He is truly inspiring for both young and old – as he also encourages us to not simply live our lives in the world created by others but build our lives in it for others to benefit from. He reminds us that we all have the chance to create our lives if we simply stretch our imagination.

Enjoy Ashton and tell me what you think! And forward this blog post so that we can reach out to teens and young adults far and wide.

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