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Not taking the easy way…

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Day 106What have you learned?

Growing up, I witnessed some people suffering and being unhappy. I think these peoples’ struggles, as well as my own challenges, are the main reasons why I have been such a fascinated student of living life with happiness, health, and meaning for the past twenty years. I trusted and believed that there must be another way, that there would be answers and certain recipes to living life well. And I have found that there is.

Being a student of personal growth has both been rewarding as well as challenging. It would probably have been easier to accept myself with my limitations and flaws and not make an effort to develop and expand my worldview and habits – but life is not meant to be easy and status quo – and it would have been much less rewarding for me.

Sometimes we receive the gift of inspirations, which help us live more fulfilling lives. Most often however, letting go of previous limiting beliefs and destructive habits comes from doing the hard work. When we overcome areas of struggle, and we finally ‘get it’, it is very gratifying.

If we live life without making an effort to improve our lives, we limit the quality of the life we potentially could have. By overcoming challenges that previously held me back, I now live with more flow and joy.

During blog posts of the past 105 days, I have shared some insights around what brings me fulfillment, energy, meaning and joy.

I am curious about YOU. And invite you, my readers, to share your experiences. I think that we all can be inspired and learn from one another. Please feel free to share your voice…

Are you an active participant in getting new insights and finding ways to learn, grow and live your dream life? What have you learned?

Please share your ideas…

One thought on “Not taking the easy way…

  1. Jeg leser alle dine innlegg med stor interesse. Men i min alder er jeg fornøyd med å ta livet med ro, ikke aktivt gå inn for noe lenger!!


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