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Today is 100 days since New Years Eve


Day 100The power of just one degree

Are you living with heat of feeling fully alive? Are you taking yourself and your life seriously enough, and do you give that extra percent to what really matters to you? What more are you capable of achieving? What if you redirected your time just slightly and lived with greater intention and ambition so that you felt like and became the ‘winner’ in your life…?

At 99 degrees Celsius, water is warm. At 100°C, it boils. So the one extra degree makes all the difference for water to boil. If one degree can make such a difference, what if we all put in a little bit more effort to create and live according to our dreams and potential?

Watch the following video and learn how one extra degree, or one second can make a big difference in both business and in life.

The following video is in Fahrenheit and is more informative I think

This video is in Celsius

You still have 265 days left of this year to go after what matters to you. What will you do?

2 thoughts on “Today is 100 days since New Years Eve

  1. Gratulerer med innlegg nr 100! Mange flotte innlegg 🙂 Hilsen Simen A. Christin og Jørgen


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