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The power of cleaning up!


Day 97And the day came when it became too difficult to continue to live in chaos.

I have had an amazingly productive day and it feels just great.

What has particularly given me an energy boost has been the massive spring-cleaning/organization I did. I’m amazed at all the things that I have been holding on to until today. I cleaned out not only half the cellar, but several cabinets as well – and now I feel so light.

I love having it neat around me and I am seeing myself becoming increasingly more organized. To be organized and neat has not been one of my natural talents. I’ve been too busy doing things and found huge resistance to taking time to organize and get rid of things. I’m therefore super happy that I am now taking time to do this work and do it with pleasure.

One of the reasons that I have been holding on to things and don’t get rid of unnecessary stuff right away is that I dislike waste. Somehow I have hoped that I will be able to reuse it all.

I also do not like to throw away what could benefit others. It is therefore hugely gratifying to put things outside by the curb of the road (that’s how it is done in Switzerland and it is such a great system) for anyone to drive by and pick up what they want.

2 thoughts on “The power of cleaning up!

  1. Hi Anine, thanks for your posts, I can relay to you on so many levels! I hope to see you soon either at Etc talks or in the dance class. He next one in KAk.alom will be held on May 7. 😉

    Happy Easter! Warmly, Katia

    Katia Mikhailova Nia Licensed Teacher



    • Thanks Katia, I’m also looking forward to seeing you. Regretfully I will not be in Geneva on the 7th for your fab dance class:( but hope we can arrange a class with etc again. Warmly, Anine


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