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Social arousal…

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Day 94

The joy of gratifying social connections

I am feeling energetically high and alive after a very nice lunch and birthday celebration with good old friends, recent friends, as well as totally new connections.

The older we get, the more intimate we become with our friends.

As we approach mature adulthood, friends relate to each other without comparison and competition. We do not put ourselves above or below anyone – but connect in an accepting, warm and loving way. I love that!

The beauty of maturity is that we feel and are comfortable in our own skin. When we accept ourselves, we open up and share who we are without inhibitions. We become givers of our authentic selves and all what we value and are passionate about. We dear to be real – to share, to laugh, to cry, to hug and to speak our minds. Together we establish a easy going and free-spirited atmosphere with an expanding energy.

How sweet it is!

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