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The positive investment of giving compliments

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Day 93What difference would it make if we affirmed our spouse a little more…?

There are many ways we can go about building a strong loving connection with our partner. One of them is by giving compliments.

When did you tell your partner last time what you appreciated about him or her?

All of us enjoy being seen, recognized and appreciated. To hear our partner point out attributes and qualities they appreciate about us – either in who we are or in the things that we are doing – is like adding spice to a meal. A meal with the right spices is delicious In the same way a relationship becomes juicier, more loving, rewarding and fun when there is an exchange of compliments and appreciation. Without this exchange, it is easy to take one another for granted. Without any positive feedback, we might also feel that no matter our efforts it does not make a difference..

A wonderful wise woman I know, Bonnie Fatio, the creator of ‘AgeEsteem’, is a master at giving compliments to the man she has been married to for 50 years this year. A man that still makes her heart go “ba bum, ba bum. ”She shared once during one of her inspiring presentations that her father, who seldom gave her advice, brought her aside on her wedding day to give her one important advice. He told her to “never go to sleep at night without having genuinely praised your husband for three qualities that you admire about him.” She told us that she took his advice very seriously, and was quite anxious at first about not being able to come up with three things every day. In the beginning of her marriage, as soon as she woke up, she would begin looking out for something she could praise him for. After a while it became a natural way of living, which has benefited their loving connection tremendously.

I find that not only does my husband appreciate to receive my compliments, it is also gives me a pleasure to shower my mind with positive thoughts about him.

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