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How often do you experience fear?

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Day 91

The destructive power of fear

Fear is an emotion that we all experience from time to time to a perceived or a real threat.

We dislike being the victims of fear, as it seems to have power over us. We loose our center and stability, because fear triggers our fight and flight response.

When we feel threatened, and we don’t see fighting or fleeing as an option, we freeze, which can be hugely immobilizing and destructive.

Tune into your body and notice the effect fear has on your limbs next time you feel fear and you cannot or do not want to fight. Notice if you feel weak and powerless. Notice also the impact fear has on your mind. It is hard to think clearly and creatively when fear is present, as our brain is wired to either fight or flight. You have probably noticed that it is hard to make decisions and that it is easy to forget things in the presence of fear.

When fear is regularly present, it is hugely harmful for both our body and mind. We therefore need to take a closer look at what and with whom fear shows up in our lives and what we can do to move out of fear.

We need to stop accepting living under circumstances where fear is constant and find alternatives out of the ‘danger zone?’

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