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The highs and ‘blues’ of reaching a goal


Day 82
For years I have dreamt of skiing the ‘Haut Route’ – from Verbier to Zermatt.

Today that dream became real. I have just arrived back from having skied for days in the most gorgeous magic Alp-landscape in strong wind and fog, as well as gorgeous sunshine. No matter the weather, I love being immersed in nature this way.

Now that my dream has been realized, I experience a combination of joy but also a sense of emptiness. The expression, ‘it is not the destination but the journey that is the most important,’ make so much sense.

It is understandable why people that are used to setting goals, get busy finding a new goal as soon as the one they have been working towards has been realized, as it is fun, engaging and inspiring having a dream to strive and look forward to.

What is next for me, I ask myself? Perhaps it is to raise the bar and go for one of my ‘dream goals,’ one of those dreams that I have set but that have not materialized, because I have found it too difficult and challenging.

I will follow up with exploring the topic of ‘Dream goals’ as I mentioned in yesterday’s post tomorrow.

Now I am very much ready to sleep tight in my own bed after having slept amongst 20 others on brinks in a small room on 3700+m altitude.

8 thoughts on “The highs and ‘blues’ of reaching a goal

  1. Congratulations on an amazing achievement – so proud of you Anine. You deserve a good night’s sleep after that.


  2. Bravo Anine, suis très impressionnée, mais plus rien ne m’étonnera de toi dorénavant. 😜. Je me réjouis que tu me racontes. En attendant repose-toi bien.


  3. Thank you for your kind words Tracey!


  4. Du har litt av et liv, misunner deg det!!! Flotte greier!!!


  5. Bravo Anine! So impressed and inspired.


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