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Four types of goals

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Day 81

In the last couple of days I have been exploring the important subject of goals, why it is important to set goals and that there are different types of goals.

I have categorized goals into four types:

  1. Easy goals 2. Compelling goals 3. Forced goals 4. Dreams goals

Today I will explore these four types of goals

1. Easy goals – are goals we create the necessary time and space for effortlessly. These goals are short-term do not require that we change anything in our lives and we can reach them on our own without help. For example – going on a trip, organizing a party, doing a day hike etc.

2. Compelling goals –really stretch us. These goals are often longer term and may require perhaps that we develop new habits in order to achieve them. These lift us and are associated with joy and energy, because these are goals most likely related to areas where we are passionate and tap into our talents. Therefore, embarking on these goals and carving out the needed time and space in our lives for them does not feel like a sacrifice, which helps us to succeed in materializing them. Some examples; preparing for and running a marathon, creating a charity, starting and building a company, learning a new language, writing a book, developing new skills, becoming an actor/actress, public speaker, pianist, singer, etc.

3. Forced goals – relate to health, relationship, or professional goals and changes we know we have to make to survive. Most of us do not initiate such a change, unless we have been severally sick, been in an accident or been living close to someone who perhaps has passed away, been warned about being fired, left by our partner or faced another threat. We set goals to change out of necessity since the consequences will be too difficult and dangerous if we don’t. e.g. stop smoking, begin exercising, loose weight, stop drinking, stop loosing our temper, pay our bills on time.

4. Dream goals – which we long for and deeply want, but we somehow don’t easily materialize; goals that perhaps require that we develop new daily habits and permanent changes in our lifestyle. We recognize these goals well, if we have set them year after year without success, we feel stuck, and the goals contribute to bring us down and deflate us – the contrary of what we had hoped for.

All of us may have experienced success with the first three types of goals. For the 4th type however, which we do not seem to wrap our lives around, only some of us might have experienced success.

I will analyze and explore this goal type more in depth tomorrow.

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