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Why is it so hard to create change/reach our goals?

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Day 79We are 79 days into the New Year. If you have set a goal at the beginning of the year to make a change in your life, you know by now whether you have succeeded or not.

Some goals we set feel almost effortless. These goals fill us with enthusiasm and joy, and take us miles on our journey. Other goals seem excruciatingly hard. Those goals require something completely different from us, something that we do not seem to possess.

If you been seeking and trying for years to claim your dream, but have not managed to create the changes needed to taste the sweet joy and pleasure of success, you may feel discouraged and bummed. You might wonder if you will ever achieve your goal or dream.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will explore four different types of goals – some easier to achieve than others – how these goals are different and how to best approach them.

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