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Enthusiasm for life – how sweet it is…

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Day 77What makes you enthused about life?

I think there is a direct link between how enthusiastic we are, and how happy, energetic and alive we feel.

One can imagine that enthusiasm is something some people have, and others don’t have, by their personality trait. However, my belief is that we all can become more enthusiastic about life by deciding to open up more to our five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

We can transform by choice from a cool, detached, non-engaged attitude – or ‘sleepy’ or worried place, where we roam about the past and or future, rather than being in the present moment – by switching on our sensory organs and open up to a whole new and more fun and enthusiastic life. This would mean that we use our eyes to truly see all the beautiful things around us, use our ears to hear inspiring, moving, inspiring sounds, taste delicious good food and drinks, use our hands and body to touch and feel with our skin, and use our nose to detect numerous different pleasurable smells and scents.

We can be enthusiastic about so many things around us every day; such as seeing a beautiful painting in our home or at a museum; noticing with joy how the buds of a tree is beginning to poke out in spring; witnessing children playing in the street; meeting an old friend; or greeting our loved ones with joy when we see them coming home after a day away.

We can tune our ears into hearing beautiful music, birds chirping in springtime, someone singing, children’s laughter, and waves hitting the shore, the wind rattling a tree, or the warm voice of a loved one speaking.

We can use our taste buds to detect the hugely various flavors while trying new food, spices, and drinks or simply by fully enjoying one of our favorite delicious meals. By chewing more and keeping our food longer in the mouth, we will enhance the taste.

We can feel with our hands and body someone’s warm silky skin, the softness of nice fabric and the fur of a dog and cat, or the warmth of sunrays on our skin.

We can smell roses, food being prepared, someone’s perfume, or notice a special scent from the past that brings back old nice memories.

Can you feel the difference in your energy by just imagining using your senses?

How would it benefit you, if you switched on to your senses a little more? Why not try to pay a little extra attention this week, perhaps by tuning into one of your senses each day – and notice what difference that it makes to your enthusiasm and joy in life.

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