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Let’s get focused!

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Day 75Many of us know how frustrating it can be when our mind is scattered and we find ourselves all over the place; beginning one task, and forgetting what that was, as we get distracted doing something else.

It can feel disheartening when we have loads to do, or are in a hurry and we can’t find our keys, phone, passport, credit card, or some clothes we want to wear, or we forget to do something important because we failed to prioritise.

A scattered mind is a clear sign that we are not grounded in our bodies. If you were asked for example, how you were breathing, or how your body was feeling this morning while you were looking for your keys or phone, you will most likely have no idea – because you were all “up in your head.”

The best way to get focused is to slow down your mind by “getting physical” through meditation, consciously slowing down your breath, exercising and engaging in some form of physical touch – such as giving or receiving warm hugs.

Removing tight time constraints by setting goals and planning your time and “speaking your mind;” having an open dialog with people you live and work with – also makes a difference.

To maintain a focused mind, it is key to be mindful about what we do, to do one thing at a time, and to finish what we start before we move onto the next thing. A clear plan and to do list (that we also use and check off) can make a big difference – provided we do not put too many things on that list. Eating hearty food/meals and maintaining an even blood sugar level throughout the day also ground and support our ability to have a calm and focused mind.

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