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Guard your immune system

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Day 70When spring is in the air, it is easy to get excited and dress summary in order to feel the sunshine on our skin. This is the time of the year where many people catch a cold, since the air is still often quite cool when the sun disappears behind a cloud or the wind picks up.

Yesterday I shared a recipe for what I do to stop a cold from developing.

Today I will share tips about how I manage to hardly ever catch a cold or flu.

We are all exposed to germs, which we cannot protect ourselves against. However for germs to turn into a cold or flu, our immune system has to have been weakened.

I therefore make sure to do the following:

Every morning before breakfast I drink 2 large glasses of warm water with a teaspoon of BIO honey. Honey has many health benefits; among them it boosts the immune system and aid the digestive system.

Our body consumes liquid to fight germs. Since the air is particularly dry during the winter months due to central heating, I make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Water works like oil in a car. It is essential for it to run optimally.

I  take –C and D- vitamin daily during the winter months.

I make sure to keep warm and protected the most vulnerable areas of my body; head, ears, neck, stomach, feet and ankles. I never drink ice water, it is not only terrible for our digestion; it also cools the body and can easily give a soar throat. I eat warm prepared food and avoid cold salads as a main meal during the winter months.

Fatigue weakens the immune system. I therefore create an environment where I sleep well. We always sleep with our window open to allow fresh air to come in, even during the winter. I am also eating more protein and fat than I used to, which aids my sleep. Our body cannot rest at nigh without a proper nutritious diet that is suitable for our body type. I try to limit my alcohol and sugar intake and never drink caffeine in the evening as it causes poor quality sleep.

I exercise and spend time outdoor during daylight, which I think is key to boost the immune system.

Listen to your body and treat it nicely. It is designed to work well!

One thought on “Guard your immune system

  1. Dette er veldig interessant, men passer ikke så godt for folk som lever i varmt klima?


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