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Flu & cold-free recipe for every season


DAy 69As I stepped out on the street to walk to a meeting in beautiful and sunny Stockholm today, I was hugely grateful that I had dressed wisely.

It was 9 °C and fresh breeze 9 m/s. Brrr, just spending a few minutes in this wind can make you cold into your bones, and the potential for catching a cold or a flue is huge- unless you carry proper clothing.

I had put on two coat layers; one long thin down jacket underneath a trench coat. There was a hood on my down jacket, which I was hugely grateful for and that I pulled up to protect my head and ears.

I was able to fully enjoy and appreciate the 25 minutes walk through one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, and I was not at all bothered by the cold wind.

As I looked around me, lots of people hurried to get to their various destinations seemingly freezing. I was curious as to whether they had chosen their clothes that morning out of wisdom or vain, and curious to how many would catch a cold due to not wearing proper attire for the weather?

At the onset of a cold, follow the recipe above! It has prevented my family members, including myself as well as numerous other people from catching a cold or a flue.

2 thoughts on “Flu & cold-free recipe for every season

  1. Thanks Anine for the recipe to avoid a cold/flu – I’ve been sick since last Friday and will start echinacea tomorrow – which was the one thing I wasn’t doing from your list.


    • Hi Tracey, I hope you are feeling better. Know that Echinacea works the best at the onset of a cold. When it has already hit you – it works to heal you faster but it does not knock out the germs.


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