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The fastest way out is in


DAy 66I assume that you enjoy feeling positive and happy as much as I do. However, we all are unhappy and have negative emotions at times. When this happen, we may feel our energy plummet and experience heaviness in heart and body, and have difficulty finding good reasons to smile.

There are many reasons for negative or unhappy emotions. Perhaps we have had plans and expectations that we did not meet. Or we felt unappreciated or ignored. We may have felt judged or criticized, picked on, or laughed at. We may have felt lonely, been sick, felt pain, missed our train, or lost something. Or we have spent time with people we have had difficulty connecting with. Whatever the reason, the feelings and emotions that we are experiencing are real. And when those emotions are present, we sense that our energy is off.

Our emotions exist to guide and inform us. They are trying to get our attention and tell us something about our preferences, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and values.

If we ignore our feelings, we can end up having a bit of an emotional yoyo life.

However, if we listen, they can add learning, healing and more meaning to our lives.

Many of us attempt to get rid of negative emotions by shaking them off and distracting ourselves, rather than listening to the messages. Perhaps we get busy watching TV or a film, or by eating something, drinking alcohol, or even picking someone to get into a fight with.

Sometimes we succeed in feeling better by distracting ourselves, but often the same emotion comes back to visit us…

I have learned that the best way out of the grip/imprisonment of an emotion is to dive into it; feel it fully, and even name it. The emotion is saying, “see me, feel me, hear me”! If we soften and allow the feeling to be present, without trying to run away from it, and ‘name’ it, by saying “I feel sad” or “I feel disappointed, etc., we give ourselves a gift of acceptance and the emotion often lose its grip on us.

However, if it is a repetitive feeling that does not want to leave us, it might have a deeper message. Then we can ask the feeling to speak to us. What does it need from us? Perhaps it is something we should stop, start or change in our lives….

2 thoughts on “The fastest way out is in

  1. Excellently analysed👍👍👍💝🙏

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  2. Thank you Farhana. I’m pleased we share the same belief.


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