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Identifying and honoring our values

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Day 61We all have values and beliefs that are important to us. Our values, whether we are conscious of them or not, govern what we focus on, what we experience, what we do, what we avoid and how we feel.

The more aware we are of our values, the better we become at choosing, prioritizing and designing our lives based on them.

When we get clear about our top values and their importance for our lives and wellbeing, we have the opportunity to live by them.

To those of us having difficulties making decisions, perhaps Roy Disney (Walt Disney’s Elder brother and the financier of his efforts inspire) words can inspire, “it is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

Have you heard about the difference between corporate values and corporate bullshit? Corporate bullshit is what the organization says they value. How they actually operate, is what they truly value. We can make the same comparison when it comes to ourselves. If we do not live by our values, they are simply empty words.

What are your top values? Not the ones that sounds good to have – but the ones that truly signify you?

What I have come to notice is that when we cannot name our top values and communicate these clearly, it is easy to get emotional (angry, sad etc.) when those same values are breached. When we stand true to our values, we can teach people close to us about their importance to us, and we are often met with more understanding and support.

One of my most important values is adventure. When I have a chance to bring in adventure into my life, I find myself truly stimulated and energized. That is what values do to us when we honor them.

If we don’t live by our values, we are not living in congruence with who we are and that can lead us to feeling a bit flat or numb.

Because I value adventure, I often throw myself into new things. Every adventure looks different. I welcome the journey of all types of adventure. Sometimes my adventures are easy and pleasurable, and other times challenging, tough and hard. I don’t rate my adventures as good or bad, as every adventure is different and most of them give me a thrill no matter what. I get a kick out of finding my way, and being on small or big excursions.

For example, last week one day late afternoon, I adventured out to find a new cross-country skiing track in for me a new region of the Alps. It felt exciting to explore and find it. It was a bit challenging to locate the cross-country tracks, as there were no clear signs. It was also snowing heavily, which did not help. But I finally arrived and even though it was crazy late – I put my skis on at 17.20…. I got to ski 10k and found myself loving discovering these new woods. There was not a soul out there but me. I was enveloped by the heavy snowfall and gorgeous snow covered trees. The sun was setting while I was out skiing but I made it back to my car just before it turned completely dark. When I got in the car and headed for a dinner with friends I was feeling happy, nurtured and alive.

One thought on “Identifying and honoring our values

  1. Hi Anine,

    You are such an incredibly inspirational person and I love to read your daily blogs which are always full of such wisdom.

    Alison x


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