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Party wise

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Day 60“I am wondering why I am so thirsty… despite all that I drank yesterday,” is an anecdote that we know very well.

A bit of alcohol can help us relax, open up and it adds a bit of energy. Drinking a moderate amount of wine and beer can enhance the experience of a meal and add spirit to a party. Drinking alcohol is part of the culture in many countries. It is how we spend time together.

However, there is a difference between those who drink and those who binge. The largest alcohol consumption per capita in the world can be found in countries where people have had little, to no freedom of speech and limited choices to be a creator of their lives and destiny. The heaviest drinkers in the world are found in countries that used to be under the rule of the Soviet Union. They may have greater reason to get numb, and forget about the reality of life. But what about countries where people are not living under oppression, why do so many people drink in excess there?

Too much alcohol numbs our senses and mind. It can make us silly, sluggish, tasteless, forgetful, and sometimes argumentative and violent. Excess alcohol makes us often feel bad and perhaps even worse the next day. Most of us become lethargic in body and mind after too much drinking and it might take a day or two to get back into feeling our best again.

After a night of drinking too much, we are extra thirsty, we crave sweets and fatty food as our body is having a tough time creating energy by itself. Sweets and fats are fast energy boosters.

Alcohol beyond a couple of glasses is poisoning for body and mind, so why on planet earth is excess consumption so popular…?

If we want to live with energy, feel and be our best and use our mind and body to achieve great things, if want to live to our fullest capacity, we need to take a second look at why we drink and how much we drink!

It is unheard of to go to a dinner where no alcohol is served in most western cultures. The first thing you are offered at most dinners and parties are a glass of something containing alcohol.

How often do we check in with ourselves and ask before a drink, “is this what I feel like and what my body needs right now?” We might be very thirsty and then the worst thing to drink is alcohol. So why do we not ask for a glass of water? Is it because we are indoctrinated and taught to accept that glass of wine or bottle of beer without questioning? We play the game and do not reflect about it.

The choice is ours, we can numb ourselves, or we can become party wise.

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