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Who are you…?


DAy 57Have you ever experienced people transform in front of you eyes – people you thought you knew, but realized you had no faintest idea of what laid inside them?

Well this is what happened to me today, as I was listening to a presentation by Blanca, a woman I have known for eleven years.

Blanca told us – and it was clearly visible – that she, and therefore her life have gone through a complete makeover. Her transformation was instigated one day when a man at a party asked her; “Who are you?”

Blanca could not answer the question. She had been giving of herself to everyone for years but in the process lost her own person. She had no longer an idea of who she was. She left the party deeply troubled, appalled that she could not say who she was; and that she had lost the sense of her genuine being.

In this painful despair, she got serious about reclaiming the woman she used to be.

She went about re finding herself through writing poems – which she later decided to combine into a book. She needed pictures for the book and began taking pictures of herself – many of them half naked – which are also part of the beautiful book she has published herself.

Blanca is a role model to all of us who feel that we have lost ourselves in our busyness of life. I feel reverence for her, as she took her life by the antlers, dared to get in touch with her raw, soulful, sensual real self. Today, she knows who she is, and she is also sharing her sensual and passionate self proudly and confidently.

Her book “Curves of the Soul” in Spanish “Curvas del Alma” can be bought directly from her:

PS -Blanca spoke at the networking and community event ETC – Expats Thriving Connect in Geneva, Switzerland

2 thoughts on “Who are you…?

  1. Anine, thank you for your words and support. I was just sharing my personal experience with women that maybe are, were, or will be in a similar situation that i was. The more we share our feelings and emotion in a positive way, the more we understand that we are not alone in the search for the real woman we all are. Thank you for organizing all this amazing, inspiring events with your creation. ETC.
    Blanca, la Dragona


    • I am happy that we share the same belief Blanca. Authentic sharing inspires, supports and connects us with one another. Thank you again for your authenticity and for supporting the ETC community. Warmly, Anine


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