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Activities that suck life out of you

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Day 56We all have talents.

We also all have weaknesses.

And then there are things we all hate doing.

I have a feeling that most of us experience activities that goes totally against our nature – that makes us wring inside just by the thought of doing them – either because it takes too much time as we are not talented within this area, or simply because the activity sucks out our life.

In order to thrive and have energy, we need to engage in the things that we are good at, and we need to manage our weaknesses so that they don’t overshadow our strengths. And I think that we ought to stop doing the things we absolutely detest if at all possible.

Sometimes we can simply stop the things that we have an aversion against because they are not necessary to function in life. Other activities require our attention and we need to be creative to find out how we can get help to avoid doing these things.

We are not meant to be great at everything. We need support from each other to deal with what exhaust us. There is no need to be stoic. Asking for help from a family member is one option, (doing a trade with our partner can even glue us closer together) and if that does not work, bartering or hiring someone that can help us, might be worth every penny.

Yes, it may cost some money, but on the other hand, we have some extra time and can perhaps use this to earn this money back – or more.

When we no longer have to deal with energy sapping activities, a huge load lift from our shoulders and we will all of a sudden feel so much freer, productive and happy.

Stop doing what you hate. Start doing what you love.

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