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Your telephone voice


Day 54The energy in our voice is hugely telling – and perhaps even more so over the phone.

We can feel how important and dear we are to others by just by listening to their tone of voice. The presence and energy they carry in their voice makes a huge difference to how we feel after we hang up.

Have you ever thought of how your voice sounds when your spouse/partner or family member calls you? Do you sound like you really care, have respect, and appreciate the person you are speaking with?

Does your voice have a different tone and energy when a good friend calls?

Reflect back on various phone voices you have come across and the way they have impacted you. Who is your most and least favorite person to speak with?

What can you learn about yourself?

If you do not know how you sound, why not ask the people close to you?

If we have a tendency to sound bored, uninterested or even annoyed, irritated and impatient, we are most likely leaving the people on the other end uneasy.

We might think that – if we rush through a conversation that we will save time, but will we? It takes equally long time to say something in a positive voice as in a negative one. We may even have to invest time to re-build relationships if we have been unpleasant – so in the end we actually lose time…

Next time someone is calling you – why not put on a big smile – it will help you sound a lot more energetic. You can even fake it ‘til you make it!

PS My husband is a huge role model in taking the time to be pleasant when I call him at work. He is a super busy and occupied man but I never feel that I bother him. He either makes the time – to show his value and appreciation of me – and if he absolutely can’t talk, he will tell me very kindly when he will be available.

2 thoughts on “Your telephone voice

  1. Thanku Anine I found all u have expressed so true & very usefull for so many situations of everyday life Thanku 💝

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