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Do you have a carrot or two that motivates you?

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Day 52We are 52 days into 2015. How are you coming along with your dreams and vision for this year?

I have learned regarding myself, that it is not enough to set goals – I need to have compelling goals with a deadline to propel me into action.

One of the most profound experiences I have had around setting a compelling goal that truly moved me into action, and without much effort, was when I decided to run the New York Marathon.

From only jogging 5-10K from time to time to running 42k was a big leap. But, I made the decision to do it with great friends and I hoped to run close to 4 hours. During months prior to the race, I easily got up in the morning and ran 10-15 k and it felt like I went on automatic. It was a fantastic experience.

What motivates you to move into action?

One of the reasons we actually embark on a dream and make it happen is related to how compelling/emotionally charged we feel around the goal and that it has a deadline tied to it.

If you are not already living your dreams, what can you add or change to make your goals more inspiring?

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