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Being impatient…


Day 50

This week I am spending time with my family during the children’s winter break, and it has struck me that from time to time we all have traits of being impatient with one another.

I have noticed that if I don’t catch myself and become impatient, my breath becomes shallow, I lose sight of being in the moment, I don’t have a good time and I am not as fun to be around.

Most of us have impatient moments.

Can you recognize the traits of impatience within yourself and your family?

When were you impatient last time? Who were you with and what made you impatient? If you see the situation in front of you, can you remember how your mind reacted in the situation and what your body felt like?

Is there anything we gain by being impatient?

I have not come up with anything, except that we perhaps get to shake off some built up tension and frustration.

Impatience is for sure not a feel good modus. Most of us end up suffering.

We lose connection with ourselves and the people we are with.

Our energy decreases and our ability to enjoy the present moment vanish.

Let’s take a deep breath next time we catch ourselves getting impatient and remember that freedom and inner peace is found in patience.

2 thoughts on “Being impatient…

  1. Jeg er helt enig i dette. Du skriver godt!!!


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