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Doing the delicate family dance…

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Day 49Have you got rhythm…? The rhythm it takes to dance the delicate steps within your family, in order to create nice ‘sequences’ where you build on each person’s uniqueness and preferences?

Some days we might dance beautifully together as a family; and other days we might step on each other’s feet most of the time and it seems impossible to lead or follow.

Every family consists of as many different personalities as there are family members. Each person has his or her own preferences, energies, daily moods, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, plans, agendas and more.

To create family harmony and joy, where each person feels seen and supported, gets along with everyone as well as flourishes, can be much more difficult than learning rumba.

To stay connected to oneself and each family member in today’s world – where the tempo is high, competition is elevated, the possibilities and opportunities are endless and distractions from phones and computers are numerous – is not only challenging – it can also be exhausting.

Parents of today, in a world, which looks incredibly different from when they were growing up, have a more demanding task to juggle life and work and meet their children where they are as well as being good role models.

It is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of family members going off in all directions with hardly any time to connect. A family needs a clear vision and keen alertness and engagement and communication of one’s values. Dosing off and letting things run its own life, like many parents perhaps could do in the past, will not work today.

When we understand and tune into the rhythms of our family members, then we can more enjoy the dance…

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another.”Mother Teresa

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