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Live with energy!


DAy 40Today I have blogged for forty days. This is quite cool – and I am happy I have not missed a day so far.

Some people ask me where I find the time and energy to write every day.

I believe that guarding our ENERGY and understanding how we re-charge and ENERGIZE is important to the quality of our lives. It is more fun and inspiring to spend time with people who are full of energy – don’t you agree?!

It gives me great joy to share my philosophy and experiences around the subject of energy, which I am passionate about. My hope is that it will inspire you to be attentive to your own energy and that you will feel motivated to guard your energy better and to live more fully.

I decided to write everyday – as a challenge – and it really motivates me.

By creating a habit where my mind is wired to write every day, I develop a momentum, and this way less energy is required for me to get going and produce, than if I only wrote from time to time.

One of the main reasons we don’t follow through with our goals – including me – is that we never get into or we lose momentum.

When we truly commit to a goal, it is also much easier to go all in. When that real decision has been made, we don’t have to struggle as much with the discipline that goes with it. If we give in and let go just one little day… – then it is very easy to lose it completely. Don’t you think…?

2 thoughts on “Live with energy!

  1. Thank you Anine for your fabulous blog. I look forward to reading it each day and invariably what you say “rings a bell”. Well done and keep it going 🙂 Best wishes Neil


  2. Thank you Anine for sharing your fantastic energy and inspiration. I love your daily quotes and great photos. Your words makes me realize that all those moments and thoughts, however small or big, is life! Maria


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