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Massage – much more than luxurious pampering

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Day 38When my daughter Olivia was a baby, I learned to give her baby-massage and she loved it. When she later went to pre-school in Sweden only three years old, she learned to give and receive massage by her play school friends. Several studies amongst children that received and gave massage proved the children calmer, more caring, considerate and they also had fewer colds.

When we a few years later, fifteen years ago, moved to live and study in the San Francisco Bay area – the Mecca of R&D, science, holistic health and optimal wellbeing – we had the fortune of having a friend that was a fantastic massage therapist and she came to our house to give us massage. It did not only feel amazing, we also learned about the numerous health benefits of massage, and from then on we were all hooked.

Massage is viewed as strange by some, and as too much of a luxury by others.

It is time that we wake up to the numerous health benefits that massage can offer.

Massage relaxes the muscles and prevents injuries. It improves and enhances sleep quality, concentration, our immune system, the condition of the skin – our largest organ – oxygenation and circulation. It releases endorphins, reduces anxiety and depression, relieves migraine pain, increases energy and has many more benefits.

Massage increases our immune system and reduces stress. Some health experts claim that 90% of disease is stress related, and that stress makes us age faster internally and externally.

When more people understand it’s great value, it will grow hugely in popularity.

Regular massage is an amazing investment in our health and wellbeing, which I hope, will become as common as going to the hairdresser.

For me it is part of a monthly budget of things to invest in.

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