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Working on an airplane…

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DAy 35
Do you ever?

Today I made a wild last minute travel decision

I bought a flight with bonus points two hours before departure to attend a friends’ 50th birthday dinner tonight and return with the first flight tomorrow morning.

So here I am on the plane working away with all the things that I have going on in my life. I find that whether I work here or somewhere else it doesn’t really make a difference. The key is to use my time wisely wherever I am.

On my way to the airport I made a couple of business calls and at the airport I sent an invite for an event to several hundred people. Right now I am writing emails and this blog, while most people around me are looking in magazines, talking or watching movies. Travel takes a lot of time if we do not use the time wisely. If we are wasting less time while travelling, it gives us time for more travel – don’t you think…

I’m very excited that I made the decision to celebrate my friend. We live only ones. Big anniversaries only come by so often. As an expat with friends and family far away, I am grateful that it is now almost cheaper to travel by plane than by train, which gives us more possibilities to stay connected and celebrate important anniversaries.

We humans are equal in one way; we all have 24 hours a day and for many of us it does not feel like enough. To enjoy life, we need to find creative ways to use our time well for that which we truly want.

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